Normally laugh when I see the latest and greatest best-of list, but in this case I will celebrate it because it comes from the people and not some random blogger who likely has never been to wherever he/she is writing about. A Palmyra BBQ joint was just named a top 5 BBQ place in the state of Missouri by a sites readers.

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Only In Your State did something different. Instead of a writer giving an opinion on some interesting place to eat, they asked their audience...where is the best BBQ place in Missouri? Look at who came in at #2 on their list (*drum roll*)...

The Rebel Pig in Palmyra

Think about this for a second. When you think of BBQ in Missouri, you almost automatically think of Kansas City. The Rebel Pig was more highly recommended than any of those places.

It's always nice to win an award, but it never means more than when it comes from everyday people. So happy for a small town eatery like The Rebel Pig to get some national recognition. It's not every day that you get a national site's readers declaring you the best of anything. Well done.

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