Diets are highly overrated. There. I said it. The irony is I'm currently on a diet routine, but that's a story for a different day. I bring this up because it just so happens that my home state of Missouri just happens to have a food that is world famous for making diets fail. I am so proud.

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This isn't a claim by me, by the way. The website Feast Good named the most loathed foods in each state by dieters and people that generally care about their health. In other words, the crowd least likely to hang out with me. Truth.

They conducted "a 3000-participant study to find the foods dieters say are the hardest to give up". The most loathed diet food in Missouri? BBQ Ribs of course. Drool, dieters. You know you want this.

So what's so bad about Missouri's BBQ ribs anyway?

Feast Good says "consuming such a high-calorie and high-fat meal can sabotage their weight loss goals and overall health". Really? Do tell. Isn't that kind of the point? I'll admit a bit of hypocrisy in my words since I'm currently a hardcore low-carb person (and have lost 35 pounds, thank you very much).

For what it's worth, dieters also say that deep dish pizza in Illinois is hard to walk away from. I feel your pain. Since I've been on low carb for months, I admit that I have dreams about real bread and pizza. Tears flowing.

The Feast Good article is an interesting read if you are on a diet and are fighting the good food cravings. Been there and doing that myself.

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