I think we can all agree at this point that it's not a matter of if but when a zombie apocalypse begins. What's the best place to survive the inevitable rise of the undead? In Missouri, there's only one clear best option.

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I did quite a bit of research into this and checked multiple sources. If you think this zombie apocalypse scenario is far-fetched, you should know that the CDC has an official page for it.

There was one site that named Springfield, Missouri as a best place, but that doesn't seem like there's a lot of science involved with that theory. Nope. the definitive option is actually also one of the most obvious when you think about it. (*Drum Roll*)

Fort Leonard Wood

Think about it. Military base. Lots of weapons. Storehouses full of food. Access to an airport on-site. Big fences.

I'm not alone in my thoughts. I found an article from nearly 7 years ago at Only In Your State that also listed Fort Leonard Wood as the #1 best place in Missouri to hide from zombies. Like I said, SCIENCE.

I found other sources that felt like the Mark Twain National Forest would be a great place to retreat to once the zombies take over. I agree that's a great place to hide, but if you're not a trained survivalist, you likely won't last long especially since we all know Bigfoot lives there, too.

There you have it. Definitive answer on where you need to go when it all goes down. Just make sure you stop at that front gate and are polite to the guards.

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