When the you-know-what hits the fan, you need to know where you need to go for safety. If a new ranking is accurate, there are 3 Missouri cities you should consider escaping to once the inevitable zombie apocalypse happens.

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Did you know that a hypothetical zombie apocalypse was officially recognized by the CDC? It's true. They published an article in 2011, but claimed "the post was an example of educational entertainment". Sure it was.

That's one reason why I take seriously a new ranking from Lawn Love (yes, that's really the name of their site) determining the cities most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse. On that list, you'll find 3 Missouri cities:

  • #40 - Kansas City, Missouri
  • #54 - St. Louis, Missouri
  • #83 - Springfield, Missouri

I'd like to debate their conclusion though. While Kansas City is located in the middle of America and would be relatively easy to get to, I would think the Springfield, Missouri area would allow for more protection. You have more caves in the Ozarks and the citizenry have more weapons, too (or so I hear). If the zombies can survive the high number of criminals in that part of the state, that would be quite an achievement.

What's the #1 best place (allegedly) to survive a zombie apocalypse?

The Lawn Love article says it's Houston, Texas. The Gulf of Mexico would provide a natural barrier on the southern side, so I get that. Plus, we know Texans are always packing heat as a bonus.

Will we ever really face a zombie apocalypse? Depends on who you ask, but I have heard there is a new I Am Legend 2 in the works. (Really)

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