Every single town in Missouri has a go-to breakfast place, so trying to figure out which is the best breakfast in the state seems impossible, but when it comes to the 2022 Missouri's Best awards one breakfast place stood a stack of pancakes above the rest!

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The Missouri's Best 2022 Award winner for Best Breakfast went to a place called Billy Gail's Restaurant in Branson, Missouri. Now full disclosure I have never been to Billy Gail's Restaurant before but from the looks of the menu on their website, I can see why it won.

There are 3 Billy Gail's Restaurant locations, two of them are in Branson, and the other one is located in Ozark, on the Billy Gail's Facebook page they say...

"We are a down home breakfast joint that gives you let's say, generous, portions that are packed with flavor. Ever had a pancake that's as big as a steering wheel? Well now you can! "

So what does Billy Gail's have besides pancakes that are as big as a steering wheel? Well, on their menu they have items listed like the Billy's Belly Buster Breakfast that has 3 eggs, pancakes, meat and hashbrowns, there are also items like the 5 egg steak and cheese omelet, or the South of the Boarder Breakfast Burrito, to see the menu for yourself click here! 

I have to say that many people have told me I need to go to Branson for the amusement parks, the shows, and of course the touristy things, BUT I think I have to go now so I can try the best breakfast in Missouri!

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