Every year this darn groundhog goes on the loose and we try to figure out where he is.

Mind you that he is a lovable groundhog, but he keeps hiding out every year. I don't think this groundhog has any idea where he is half the time! U-Babe searchers have been looking for the rodent for many years now. He goes from one place to another hiding until he's found. You never know where he might show up!

If you do find him and bring him back to us, you will win a $250 certificate for ground pork from Dedert Quality Meats. That is a very nice prize. But who will find him first? Keep listening for clues on Y101 and you could be grilling up some fantastic meals!

The U-babe contest is sponsored by the Illinois Pork Producers, the Western Illinois Pork Producers and Dedert Quality Meats. 

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