Isn't it funny that every year around this time our lovable Y101 groundhog, known as "U-Babe," seems to wander off into the wilderness in hopes of not being found.  And every year someone out there manages to track him down and return him to us. Well, such is the case again. 

Once again we will be asking you to assist us in finding this lovable little furry creature. At last sighting he was wearing his usual U-Babe bib around his neck. Where he might be is in question.

To find him, be listening for new clues on the Y101 Radio morning show. The first two clues are listed below. The first person to find him and bring him back to us will win a $250 gift certificate from Dedert's Quality Meats. The clues are compliments of the Illinois Pork Producers, the Western Illinois Pork Producers and Dedert Quality Meats.

In case you were wondering, U-Babe got his name from the movie "Ground Hog Day" featuring Bill Murray who played Phil Connors, an arrogant TV weatherman.  In the movie, Conners would wake up everyday to the Sonny and Cher song "I Got You Babe". And we hope you can say the same to us in a few days.

U-Babe Clues


  1. U-Babe is in the Land of Lincoln
  2. U-Babe is West of the East side of Liberty


  1. U-Babe is inside the city limits of Quincy, North of Harrison
    4. U-Babe is West of 25th Street, South of Koch’s Lane


  1. U-Babe is West of 18th Street
  2. U-Babe is between Locust and State Streets


  1. U-Babe is in The District between 4th Street and the River
  2. U-Babe is not near the Mississippi but he can see it



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