The Mark Twain National Forest is one of the wildest wildernesses in America. Miles and miles of trees and wildlife. If new stories are to be believed, there is also something else roaming these Missouri woods. Strange beasts that many describe as "hellhounds" are now a part of numerous stories of encounters there.

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What exactly is a hellhound? Missourians who claim to have had these encounters say the beast is larger than a bear with canine-like qualities and red eyes.

In a recent video share on YouTube, here are just a sample of the stories that were shared of what eyewitnesses describe as a "hellhound":

1. The first sighting happened to a hiker in broad daylight. He said the forest became silent as he came upon a meadow. He saw a "very large black dog-like creature". He said he heard a loud chuffing sound.

2. Another adventurer had a strange encounter when he entered the Mark Twain National Forest to try and get pictures of the night sky. As he approached the campground, he heard splashing sounds in the nearby water. Once he reached the lake, he saw the lake was covered with what could have caused a splashing sound? He then heard maniacal "chuckling" and then felt a chill as he knew he was being watched. Suddenly a being shot out of the lake when he drew his knife. Large beast resembling a wolf which then fled into the woods. He fled to his vehicle and did not return.

3. A Reddit user named Dubious Circle told the story of how he and his dad went to their cabin in the Mark Twain National Forest. After starting up their generator and setting up deer blinds, they heard a loud crash in the woods. Around 1:30 am, they woke up with something crashing against their cabin. They looked outside, but saw nothing. In the morning, while in their deer blinds, he heard a rustling to his side. He was shocked to see a massive beast with reddish hair only 25 feet away...standing upright. This was not a human over 7 feet tall. The hunter ran back to the cabin...but he was being pursued. He turned around and fired a shot at the beast which was now even more intent on getting him. He could hear trees being trampled behind him as he fled to the cabin. His dad picked up him up on a 4-wheeler which likely saved his life.

What's going on in the Mark Twain National Forest? Sure, I understand that your imagination can run wild when you're alone in the woods, but what about stories from experienced hunters?

Someone...or something is in those Missouri woods.

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