Have you ever looked outside after a significant snowfall and seen tracks you couldn't explain? That's how the legend of the 'Devil's Footprints' was born and it's made its way to Missouri through the centuries.

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The legend of the 'Devil's Footprints' is nearly 200 years old. It is believed to have originated in England in the mid 1850's when a heavy snowfall was followed by peculiar hoofprints in the snow. Probably just a goat, right? Wrong. It was a set of single hoofprints that could be seen trailing off into the distance.

How did this legend make its way to Missouri anyway?

When Missouri began to be settled in the early 1800's, many of the settlers who traveled to the middle of America were very much familiar with the English legend of the strange hoofprints in the snow. During the rough winters of that pioneer era, many would claim to see these mysterious hoofprints heading into the Missouri woods. If you've ever heard of the part of Missouri where the "Devil's Backbone Wilderness" resides in the Mark Twain National Forest, now you understand where that name came from. Something wicked this way comes?

What's the real source of these weird footprints in Missouri?

It's likely a very innocent and admittedly funny reality. Did you know that when a mouse or any kind of rodent moves through the snow that it leaves a single trail that can be mistaken for a goat's hoof? When in doubt, blame a mouse. 

Explaining that to someone who believes someone (or something) is prowling after them likely won't stop the stories of evil lurking in the snow.

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