I've got good news and bad news if you've ever daydreamed about getting away from it all and living off-the-grid in Missouri. The good news is that a place just became available recently that is seriously hidden in the trees of the Mark Twain National Forest in the Ozarks and there are pics to prove it.

This is a 5.02 acre homestead that I just came across in the Pine Ridge part of Mark Twain National Forest in the Ozarks. There's a video walkthrough and pictures to show you what it's like.

Off-The-Grid Missouri Home Available Now in the Mark Twain Forest

Gallery Credit: InstantAcres via YouTube

The guy who narrates the video walkthrough does a good job of explaining where everything is at and what the property includes.

So what's the bad news? As I was putting this article together, the listing now shows it has been sold and is no longer available. I thought it was still worth sharing as it gives you an idea about the kind of small homestead properties that sometimes become available. Missouri is becoming famous for being one of the best off-the-grid states in America and this tiny place is more evidence of why.

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