A war has been raging in Missouri that you likely knew nothing about. The enemy that the state has in its sights is quite literally thousands of invasive feral hogs who are destroying the land and some of the species that are endangered and native to the state.

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I learned about this mortal battle from several sources including the US Forest Service, the Mizzou and the state of Missouri. The problem of feral hogs in the Missouri woods is so formidable, a Missouri Feral Hog Elimination Partnership was formed years ago.

What's the big deal about wild hogs?

The US Forest Service says feral hogs "upsets the ecological balance between native plants and wildlife by eating almost anything, causing habitat destruction and outcompeting native animals for food. They also can transmit diseases to other animals, wild and domestic. Feral swine are a public nuisance and can be aggressive toward humans, livestock, and wildlife."

Who's winning the war?

According to the Missouri Feral Hog Elimination Partnership, they removed nearly 10,000 feral hogs in Missouri in 2021 alone. (9,857 to be exact)

How can you help win this battle with feral hogs?

The state of Missouri says if you see a feral hog, don't shoot them. Instead they want you to report them.

You are allowed to take down a feral hog as the state allows "the exception of allowing people possessing a valid State deer or turkey hunting permit" who encountered one of these beasts.

The good news is the partnership believes it's making headway into lessening the dangerous feral hog population. They've reclaimed over 3 million acres and say they've assisted over 1,300 landowners.

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