The best hikes are the ones with few other humans around. If you share that sentiment, whatever you do don't tell anyone about a secret Missouri place in the middle of the Mark Twain National Forest which offers 16 miles of trails to hike.

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Have you ever heard of the Kaintuck Hollow Trail in Missouri? It's not far from Rolla and lies in the midst of the Mark Twain National Forest. It offers one of the more isolated places to hike in Missouri. It's not entirely a secret now thanks to a recent spotlight on it by Only In Your State.

How can Kaintuck Hollow Trail in Missouri be considered a secret?

I did a search on YouTube for videos to show this trail and there are practically none. I was only able to find this one.

I could only find one other guy who had hiked the trail, but he set his video where it can't be shown outside of YouTube. Why? Because it's a secret trail.

I did find information about Kaintuck Hollow Trail on the US Forest Service website and they confirm the hiking possibilities here:

The Kaintuck Hollow Trail is open year round to hikers and includes multiple sections with a total of 16 miles of trail. Various wildlife habitats throughout the trail offer opportunities to view ducks, deer, birds, and many other species.

The US Forest Service rates it as a moderate difficulty trail, but there are camping options if it's too much for you to handle in one day. If you do hike it, just don't tell anyone or it won't be a secret anymore.

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