You never know when you might go on vacation and accidentally swim with a bear. Oh, wait. That practically never happens unless you're a Missouri family. There's video that proves this is now wild tale. It really was their experience recently.

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How in the world did this fun video moment escape me from earlier this summer? Fox 2 out of St. Louis shared a crazy video shared by the Pearson family in St. Louis. As they tell the story, they went to Destin, Florida to get away from it all. Unfortunately, the many bears in Missouri have relatives in Florida, too. Watch.

What was a bear doing in the ocean off the coast of Florida?

Southern Living shared an article about this bear appearance near Dustin, Florida saying that Florida Fish & Wildlife claim it's not that unusual. They confirmed that on Twitter - I mean "X".

We know there are is a growing bear population in Missouri, but this video proves you also need to be careful even if you're vacationing near the ocean.

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