Missouri has a lot of bears and even more dogs. That's why a new video share seems to have the internet perplexed as to what one Missouri guy captured on video next to a road. Is it a big dog or a bear? You decide.

I saw this short video shared by Tevis Mckay on YouTube. As per usual with YouTube shorts, there's no time stamp on the date, but the title says "Missouri", "Dog", "Bear" so you get the idea of what's going on here. It's a big creature in a ditch and my first thought was this was a bear. Watch it and see what you think then I'll share something that probably gives away what's really going on.

What do you think? Looks like a bear, doesn't it?

Tevis Mckay via YouTube
Tevis Mckay via YouTube

If that were the only video from Tevis, I would vote bear, but I did some digging and found another video he shared recently which reveals what the "creature" is that was in the ditch. I'm guessing most of those who have been guessing on the video above haven't seen this one.

He's a good boy though. What a pretty dog, but definitely not a bear. Hey, we do know that this is the time of year when bears start becoming active in Missouri again so it's perfectly believable that Tevis had video of one.

I love solving Missouri internet mysteries.

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