Summer is almost here, which means this address 1645 IL-104, Quincy, IL 62305, is going to be very important to you!

Summer begins in June, late June, so about a month away, and that means we here in the Tri-States can start really planning those summer getaway (especially because we didn't get to really travel in Summer 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic). I have a trip I am taking in June, and I just discovered that the best way to take the trip starts at 1645 IL-104, Quincy, IL 62305.

That is the address for Quincy Regional Airport, now I know I have been in the Tri-States for only two years, and yes I knew Quincy had an airport, and yes I have been reading the ads on Mornings with Mark and Sam for almost a year now about Cape Air the airline that takes you out of Quincy to either Chicago or St. Louis, BUT what I just learned is how affordable and easy it really is!

I have a wedding to go to June 6th in Chicago, and normally I would just drive, I love driving and it's only a little under 5 hours to get to downtown Chicago from Quincy. But as gas prices surge that trip in my truck will cost me in gas alone over $120, plus parking in the city. That's when I finally decided to check out Cape Air and I immediately was sold, the whole trip was easy to book and honestly really affordable, and the best part is the flight is like an hour and 40 mins, that's so much faster than driving!

So I will report back on my first ever experience flying out of Quincy to Chicago next month, but for now I gotta say, if you are looking to travel this summer, you should check out starting your trip at 1645 IL-104, Quincy, IL 62305.

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