So I am watching the news the other day and saw where we lost four American soldiers in Afghanistan bringing the total of U.S Troops killed to nearly 2,400. The United States has been in military conflict for some 17 years in Afghanistan.

In 2001 the war began when a group called the Taliban controlled most of the country and they allowed the organization known as al-Qaeda to set up training camps there. Both organizations were worthy of going after especially after al-Qaeda took responsibility for 9-11. But now some 17 years later I question why we are still there.

In thinking about this, I decided for the past two weeks to ask people I have run into just why are we still in Afghanistan?  I must have asked 20 or so of them and no one could tell me a sound reason why we are still there. Oh, some of them provided a possible reason, but none had a supportive reason for being there.

If you know your history, you know that the Soviet Union was in conflict for 9 years in Afghanistan and didn’t get anywhere for their efforts. Our military, which has made a difference, was asked to go there in 2001 by President George W. Bush and Congress. Seventeen years is long enough at the expense of 2,400 lost lives.  The time is now for President Donald Trump and Congress to bring all of our troops back home.

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