We got an email today at the radio station asking if we can get the word out about a dog that is missing since last Friday night on Highway Z by Maywood, Missouri. The dog was staying with the father of a woman who is now serving our country in Afghanistan. Her husband is really not wanting to have to tell her that her dog is missing because that will make it more difficult on her overseas. So he is appealing to us to get the word out.

The dog is a small white dog weighing about 20 pounds with no collar. It has an ID chip in his neck. He is offering a $1000 reward for the finding of her dog. If you know the whereabouts of this service person's pet, please contact Jason at 763-516-0454 or Mike at 612-703-9381.

If you live in that area, please keep an eye out for the dog. After you read this , please share this story to all of your friends. Let's find this dog for a young lady who has enough to think about in Afghanistan without having to worry about her lost dog back home. She is set to return home in the summer and hopefully to her family and her dog.

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