Artificial Intelligence (or "AI" as the cool kids say) is all the rage. People are asking robots all kinds of questions. One of the burning questions of Missouri people is simple. What will happen for the upcoming Kansas City Chiefs season. This is the answer.

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Whoever created artificial intelligence obviously never watched any of The Terminator movies. That being said, what does AI think will happen for the 2023/2024 Kansas City Chiefs season? Let's ask Skynet the robots and find out.

Kudos to this YouTuber who did the hard work for us. See what he learned about the upcoming NFL season. Spoiler Alert - It's good news.

What does AI think is gonna happen to the Kansas City Chiefs?


Chase Keller Journalism via YouTube
Chase Keller Journalism via YouTube

If the AI is right, it'll be Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs going back to back. Nice.

Perhaps we should take this with a grain of salt as the AI also thought the Philadelphia Eagles would win the Super Bowl last season. Whoopsies.

But what will we do if somehow Patrick Mahomes is injured again? Answer - find a quarterback named John Connor. He shall lead the resistance.

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