It seems inevitable. Even the creators and innovators of artificial intelligence are warning that our society is heading for an apocalypse with this new technology. Why would Missouri be a great state to survive such an event? There are 4 main reasons.

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I had someone reach out and send me this article by Confuse the Machine about the best and worst states to survive an apocalypse caused by A.I. (aka artificial intelligence). I'll summarize the factors they baked into their methodology.

  • Ability to live off-the-grid
  • Survivable winters
  • Hunting and agriculture
  • Number of remote locations
  • Gun ownership
  • City populations

I have bolded the ones where Missouri truly excels. As I've shared before, Missouri is almost always listed as one of the best off-the-grid states in America. It's also no secret that Missouri is an epic hunting ground. Plenty of guns here, too, and easy access to them also.

Infographic, Confuse the Machine
Infographic, Confuse the Machine

The gray areas are the size of the major cities in Missouri. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine that you wouldn't want to be near a large metro like St. Louis or Kansas City when the machines finally decide they're taking over.

"Survivable winters" is another iffy one. Most of southern Missouri has relatively mild winters, but even blizzards aren't that uncommon for the parts of Missouri north of I-70.

Wanna hear something creepy?

This ranking was created by (you guessed it)...ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Skynet has become self-aware, Missouri.

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