This is a danger that many have seen coming. Artificial intelligence is now present in almost every aspect of our lives and if we're not careful, it could completely wreck Missouri in 2024.

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Axios has an interesting read about how "AI Will Get Real in 2024". They're not wrong and that's a problem. When I talk about artificial intelligence "destroying Missouri", I'm not talking about Skynet in the Terminator movies launching an all-out attack (although that's possible, too). I'm referring to A.I. being used to replace Missourians at their jobs. I'm not alone in my thoughts either.

The Center for American Progress says "AI could displace workers, erode job quality, increase unemployment" and that's just the beginning. The website Built In adds some other harrowing possibilities as Missouri companies start utilizing A.I. and they include "Automation-spurred job loss, Privacy violations, Weapons automatization and Algorithmic bias caused by bad data".

Think this is an overreaction to this new technology? If so, consider this. Some of the pioneers of artificial intelligence like a former Google CEO are warning that AI could destroy humanity in the next 5 to 10 years as quoted by Forbes.

Think that robots are our friends and will always be looking out for our best interests if they're programmed right? I'm not willing to assign that trust to the machines. I know how the Terminator movies end, too. Those that think they're moving Missouri forward by implementing more A.I. in business and infrastructure would do well to slow down and think again.

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