This reveal should come with a disclaimer. While I'm a big Travis Kelce fan, I've heard all I really want to know about his alleged romance with Taylor Swift. However, I am apparently the exception. If you're a Swiftie and/or Kansas City Chief fan, here's the neighborhood in Missouri where you're most likely to find the love birds.

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As the multitudes likely know by now, Taylor Swift was in Arrowhead Stadium watching the Chiefs obliterate the Bears last weekend. She was even seen celebrating a Travis Kelce touchdown with his mom.

Good Morning America via YouTube

What you may not know is that Travis Kelce is reported to have moved somewhat recently into a posh Kansas City, Missouri neighborhood known as Loch Lloyd. This home is an example of how sweet the homes are there.

Starr Homes via YouTube
Starr Homes via YouTube

There's a reason why Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes chose this area for their new homes. It's elite and very private. Do the math and you realize that this is the most likely place for Travis Kelce to pour on the charm privately with Taylor Swift. Now you know.

There is no confirmation either from Travis Kelce or Taylor Swift if this is just a really public friendship or if there is a love story in the making. (Yes, Swifties, that's a song pun just for you) Frankly, I don't care what Travis Kelce does in his spare time as long as he and Patrick Mahomes continue to light up the scoreboard.

Look what you made me do, Taylor and Travis.

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