Please don't take this wrong if you happen to be from and/or love the Missouri small town that was just named a "must visit" by a national site. I'm just a little surprised by the choice of this one over others.

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Thrillist is a pretty major national site so I take their recommendations more seriously than others. They recently shared a list of what they consider the best small towns in America that are a "must visit" and broke it down for each state. For Missouri, there choice is...(*drum roll*)...


(*blank stare*) This is just me talking, but when I was growing up in Missouri, Boonville was where you were sent if you misbehaved as they are the home of the Missouri Training Center for Boys. No doubt they do God's work, but that's the word association I had with Boonville.

Granted, Boonville got its name from the very noble and famous Daniel Boone which is a plus and there's plenty of other history there, too. I just don't quite understand how Boonville would get this national honor over my own hometown of Hannibal or any number of other deserving small Missouri places.

I'll put it like this. I find Boonville a somewhat curious choice. That's all. Good for them, though. Hopefully some out-of-staters will decide to visit you now and see what you're all about. For me, this is just another example of a national list that I don't think got what they were trying to do quite right.

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