I don't pretend to understand everything I read on the internet, but this one in particular has me perplexed. One of the 'most overlooked towns' in Missouri also has a correctional center? How exactly does that math work out? Let's explore it.

I am not trying to say that the new ranking of the 6 most overlooked towns in Missouri by World Atlas isn't accurate. I'm saying that I'm not understanding exactly what constitutes a town being overlooked.

First, let's define 'overlooked'. Merriam-Webster Dictionary says it means "not seen, noticed, or considered". Fair enough. If that "not seen, noticed, or considered" Missouri town has a correctional center, does that count against it? (Asking for a friend)

With that thought in mind, I present to you one of the most overlooked towns in Missouri according to their ranking which is Boonville, Missouri.

When I was a kid, whenever I misbehaved, my parents threatened to send me to Boonville to the correctional center so perhaps I'm a bit more sensitive than others. Nothing says welcome to my town more than a "Please don't pick up hitchhikers" sign. (#Sarcasm)

In defense of Boonville, Missouri (a phrase I never thought I would utter), the article is right about the town having "400 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places". Boonville is a very historic place...especially if you've been a prisoner there.

Missouri Life via YouTube
Missouri Life via YouTube

Please forgive my snark as these 6 Missouri places do deserve your notice and your time. I just think that we could maybe find a half dozen that don't have a correctional facility, but that's just me.

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