It first opened in 1898. I believe it was the first restaurant in Illinois to be given a liquor license. Now, you can see inside what was one of the first eateries in Illinois that is still going strong today on the Loop in Chicago.

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Have you ever eaten at The Berghoff? Just about everyone who has frequented Chicago at one time or another has dined there. Only In Your State recently did a feature bringing well-deserved attention to a staple of eating out in the Land of Lincoln. A few years ago, they also featured it at #1 among the longest-running Illinois restaurants. It's had staying power for a reason.

The fact that this restaurant has remained in the same family for 4 generations is incredible. Now in their 124th year, they've survived 2 world wars, The Great Depression and most recently the challenge dining places faced during 2 years of the pandemic. That's staying power that most places never realize unfortunately.

While they are known for being a German-heritage restaurant, I see lots of American staples on their menu, too. But, I don't think it's possible to visit there without at least considering the bratwurst. That's what I hear from my Chicago friends anyway.

Kudos to The Berghoff for hanging in there and thriving for the past 124 years. Here's hoping many more are to come.

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