If you ask anyone that's ever owned a restaurant, they will tell you it's never been easy surviving from one year to the next, but it became even more difficult after 2020. There's one beloved chain that is reportedly in danger and it now only has one Missouri location remaining.

Mashed speculated at the start of the year about beloved chain restaurants we might lose in 2024. Among them is one that used to have many Missouri locations. I remember a specific one in the St. Louis area, but now they are only existing in one Missouri place. They are talking about Fuddruckers.

According to the official Fuddruckers location site, there's only one Missouri place and it's at 1615 W 76 Country Blvd in Branson.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

Why is Fuddruckers in trouble and questionable to survive 2024?

The short version is this. According to the Mashed article, Fuddruckers was purchased by another company way back in 2010. Many did not seem pleased with changes they made to the Fuddruckers brand. That company itself went under in 2020 and was liquidated. Now, there's new ownership trying to turn Fuddruckers around and bring it back to its successful and popular era.

The good news for the Missouri Fuddruckers is Branson is a growing and thriving place for food. Thanks to the multitudes of tourists who vacation there every year, if there's any location a food place can survive in Missouri, it's Branson.

Let's hope they can keep their heads above water and perhaps even return to the glory days when it was an expanding brand that was found all over Missouri.

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