If you happen to possess nearly a million dollars, that will buy you a lot. But, it won't buy you nearly as much if you're shopping for a place to live in Chicago's Gold Coast historic district. New video and photos show you what that kind of money will get you now.

Derek Guy shared quite a walkthrough of an apartment that's available in Chicago's historic Gold Coast district. He said that the building originates from 1929 and has a lot of features you don't normally see in an apartment. This place has tons of character, but it will require $850,000 from your bank account to obtain it apparently.

I saw this amazing Chicago place trending on Digg and there's a very good reason for that.

What $850,000 Gets You in Chicago's Gold Coast Historic District

Gallery Credit: Derek Guy via X/Michael Scavo Group

Derek gives an interesting play-by-play in his video walkthrough.

I don't know the exact address, but it appears the listing is being handled by the Michael Scavo Group out of Chicago. If you're going to choose the Windy City as home, you'd be hard pressed to find a classier place or neighborhood than this one. Impressive.

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