We've all done it. You look down at your hand and realize your ring has fallen off. Your heart drops and you start to frantically search the ground. I've had it happen to me on more then one occasion, so I definitely took notice when I saw this now viral post about a Quincy Kohl's employee who, according to the post, lost her ring while at work.

The post has been shared on Facebook more than 4,400 times. The post states that the employee lost the ring on December 5 and the ring may be in a customer's bag after perhaps slipping off of her finger. So if you or someone you know happened to shop in Kohl's on December 5, please look through your bags and items and make sure you don't have it.

If do you find the ring, please return it to Kohl's at the customer service desk and they will make sure that the owner gets it back. This may be a longshot, but it's worth a look. Let's hope for a Christmas miracle for this young lady.

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