With five new schools being built in Quincy, many children may not be going to the same school that they started in. The Quincy Public School announced yesterday two public forums to discuss boundaries for all the new schools.

With the building of five new elementary schools in Quincy, boundaries will be changing to adjust with the new schools. All QPS students will be effected by this, they will not be attending the same school if there are different boundary lines drawn up. When the new Monroe Elementary Opens later this year, these new boundary lines will be put into place.

See where your child may be going to school in the fall, it could be different. The Boundary Advisory Task Force (BATF) announced yesterday that there will be two public forums for the Quincy community to attend. During these forums parents and the community will have a chance to ask questions, voice their concerns, and find out more information about the potential new boundaries for the new schools being built.

The first Boundary Advisory Take Force forum will be held at John Wood Community College January 31st at 7pm in the Mary Ellen Orr Auditorium. If you are unable to attend that forum, there is another one scheduled for February 2nd at The Kroc Center to start at 6:30. Each forum should last about 2-hours.

The BATF has already set a tentative boundary plan, but with the 5th school location finally being set and the relocation of the building site for another, the BATF wants to meet with community again. These forums are a great way to get information about what the school district is thinking for the new boundary lines, and a chance for you to voice any concerns you might have as a parent and community.


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