Here's a holiday gift you're gonna want to grab when you're shopping in Hannibal.  A gas war between convenience stores on Mark Twain Avenue have sent prices down to $1.85 as I write this story.

That compares to  $2.60 a gallon that drivers are paying in Quincy.

It's a common knowledge around town that gas prices on Mark Twain Ave always run cheaper than the other stations on Highway 61 in Hannibal.   And us locals know that the price you pay on the strip runs around 10-cents cheaper than is advertised on the marques.  It's a quirky little gimmick that draws us locals downtown to gas up.

With this gas war waging, people are increasingly crossing state lines and city limits to top off their tanks.  I saw on Facebook that a couple stations actually ran out of gas for awhile.  This battle at the pumps started just before Thanksgiving, which is the biggest travel time of the year.

Hopefully it will wage on the rest of the holiday season.



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