Driving in the winter can be difficult but some of that difficulty is a direct result in the driver's laziness. I always sit in amazement as I watch people negotiate a vehicle around a street corner in snowy conditions with just a peephole to look through. Plus, usually, their lights are covered with snow or not ever turned on as well.

As cold as things have been lately, this hasn't been a real problem as the snow has been like powder and generally blows off the vehicle, but with a wetter and heavier snow it's different.

Now I ask, would these same people want to be on the street if Stevie Wonder was driving next to them. Because, in reality, driving with just a peephole to look through is just like having Mr. Wonder behind the wheel. Plus, it is also against the law and you are subject to a citation for doing so.

So for my safety, your safety and others please take the time to clear off all your windows and turn your lights on during upcoming snow falls this winter.

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