Generally speaking, if someone were to egg your house you’d be out for revenge. In Hannibal, people are actually paying to have their house egged.

The Hannibal High School Girls Soccer Team will happily egg your house on Easter eve. It’s a fundraiser for their soccer program. The girls will visit your house after 8 p.m. on Saturday, April 3 and hide Easter eggs in your front yard for the kids to find bright and early Easter morning. The plastic eggs will be filled with candy and treats.

Isn’t this a great fundraising idea? It provides for a nice Easter treat for your kids, but I think it does much more. Think of what fun these high school girls will have driving around town hiding eggs. It’s a throw-back to their childhood and a preview of what lies ahead when they experience the joy of hiding Easter treats for their own children someday. Because truly, isn’t hiding Easter eggs fun? For me, it never gets old. Here’s the biggest plus for these girls though. It’s a great team-building exercise. Yes, it’s fun that night, but bonding with your teammates can translate to good things on the soccer field too.

The soccer team will hide 25 eggs in your front yard for a $15 donation to their program. 50 eggs costs $25. There are geographic limitations. Call Coach Eric Hill at 573-795-4435 or email him at to schedule an egging. Orders are due by Tuesday, March 30.

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