This just in. It's good to be Patrick Mahomes. It's also good to be a Missouri resident if you love the burger franchise Whataburger as another one of Patrick's restaurants is about to open and there are many more to come.

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I saw Yahoo News share the good news that Patrick Mahomes attempt at fast food restaurant domination continues as a brand new Whataburger will be opening in "Valley View Shoppes, on the northeast corner of Missouri 152 and North Booth Avenue near Liberty" according to their report. That means you can expect big traffic in that area starting Monday, August 14, 2023 if previous Missouri Whataburger openings are any indication.

According to a Kansas City Star report, this is just the tip of the iceberg for Patrick and Whataburger locations as 30 more are incoming in both Missouri and Kansas. My only beef (hamburger puns intended) with this news is that so far almost all of the Missouri Whataburger restaurants are in the Kansas City area with the exception of 2 that I know of in Springfield, Missouri. What about eastern Missouri, Mr. Mahomes? We'd be happy to sample your favorite Texas burger chain here, too.

I guess for the moment we'll have to settle for Whataburger stops when we go to Kansas City Chiefs games. Let's hope that Patrick Mahomes Whataburger expansion plans extend a bit further east next time.

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