I demand a recount. An innocent (OK, well maybe not that innocent) Missouri place has just been named one of the top 20 snobbiest places in America and I can almost guarantee that it's not who or where you think.

I have nothing against the people in these ritzy parts of Missouri, but when I think of who's the snobbiest, the Show Me State place that just made the top 20 never comes to mind. I will admit that I think of Ladue, Clayton or Town and Country if I have to pick a snobby Missouri place. Boy, was I ever wrong as it's not any of those.

This is a practically brand new list just shared by Housely who rattled off what they believe are the top 20 snobbiest cities in America. Guess who's #2 on their list? None other than Kansas City, Missouri. 

How in the world can Kansas City be considered snobby I ask?

The article says (and I quote) "Kansas City’s residents have gotten a reputation for being a little on the snobby side" and then they get specific. They add "those calling K.C. home have no problem bragging about all of the things their city has to offer".

Excuse me while I now completely disagree.

I have so many friends and/or family that live in the Kansas City area and not one single person is even close to "snobby". Yes, they love KC and will happily tell you how great it is there, but that's not snobby.

I have a theory about why Kansas City was just put in this list. The person who came up with this list has a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge at the top. They wouldn't be a bitter San Francisco 49'er fan, would they? 

I would like to alert them that calling us snobby isn't gonna get you a Super Bowl trophy...sorry not sorry.

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