If you're paranoid about the upcoming total solar eclipse and the world situation in general, you might want to look the other way. I've come across evidence that elites are hiding in a survival condo in the Kansas City, Missouri area, but there are also lots of reasons I wouldn't worry too much if I were you.

The Daily Star mentioned the curious trend recently of the world's rich and famous buying up survival bunkers around the world. Supercar Blondie specified that one group was huddling up in an exotic survival condo in an undisclosed location somewhere between Kansas and Missouri more than likely in the Kansas City area.

I've confirmed this survival condo is a real place and it is sort of close to the Kansas City, Missouri area. I've also learned that it's not a very well-kept secret though. Take a look inside provided by CNET who toured it.

Inside Exotic Survival Condos in the Kansas City, Missouri Area

Gallery Credit: CNET via YouTube

Here's a free pro tip to the rich and famous. If you're going to hide in a super-secret survival bunker, make sure it doesn't have its own Wikipedia page which also has the GPS location which I tracked through Google Maps. I won't disclose it, but it's not hard to spot since it's labeled "Kansas Doomsday Bunker".

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

The video walkthrough of this facility is an interesting view of what the super-rich think they'd require to survive the apocalypse. Supercar Blondie says almost all (if not all) of the condos are already sold for around half a million dollars apiece. Fortunately, watching the video and looking at pics of it won't cost you anything.

Missouri Property Hiding a 10,000 Square Foot Doomsday Bunker

Gallery Credit: Allison Rank Team, ReeceNichols - Country Club Plaza, Realtor.com

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