This is one of those cases where you can legitimately hope that the weather forecasters are right. The Old Farmer's Almanac has looked into the future and they're predicting that Missouri will be much warmer in September and October.

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Please note that when you hear Farmer's Almanac, there are two different sites now. There is the "new" Farmer's Almanac and the "old" Farmer's Almanac. In this case, it's the "old" one I'm referring to. They've just issued what they call their long-range weather forecast and when it comes to Missouri, it's interesting regarding what to expect September and October. Here is their 6-word description of what Missouri will look like in a couple months:

September and October will be warm

Here's a simple graph they included for Missouri's September and October weather. Note that the red is temperature and the blue is precipitation.

Infographic, Old Farmer's Almanac
Infographic, Old Farmer's Almanac

Above average temperatures for Missouri in September and above average precipitation in September. October may go back to being dry. Let's hope we get enough moisture to help drought conditions by then.

As we shared a few days ago, the new Farmer's Almanac is predicting an average winter of snowfall and temperatures for Missouri. It will be interesting to watch how accurate (or not) these long-range forecasts end up being.

As I was a kid growing up in Missouri, my dad always told me that if I didn't like the weather all I had to do was wait 10 minutes because it was certain to change. He was not wrong.

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