I've heard it said that no one likes a bragger. However, I've also heard it said that it isn't bragging if you can actually do it. With that in mind, I'm not meaning to brag, but sliced bread really was invented in Missouri and I can prove it.

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I saw this odd fact in a fun article about weird and fun facts about Missouri on MSN. Fact #79 says this:

The first automatically sliced commercial loaves of bread happened on July 6, 1928, in Chillicothe, Missouri, using a machine invented by Otto Frederick Rohwedder of Davenport, Iowa.

My wife (the Keokuk native) would like me to highlight that Rohwedder was born in Iowa. Promise kept.

The History Channel has dedicated a full article to this historic sliced bread achievement in Chillicothe, Missouri in July of 1928. They added some interesting color to Otto Frederick Rohwedder's pursuit of the bread-slicing innovation. History says that his prototype and blueprints were destroyed in a fire in 1917. Was this when toast was invented? Asking for a friend.

The Chillicothe Constitution Tribune shared an article in their newspaper celebrating the day the bread-slicer was unveiled. What a great day for those who were previously doing it by hand.

One other historical sliced bread moment I didn't realize was that History said it was banned briefly during World War 2 to save resources. How did we survive?

Chillicothe, Missouri is still very proud of their sliced bread achievement. If you ask anyone there, they will gladly talk about bread any day any time.

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