Apparently, it is Sliced Bread day in Missouri on July, 7th because if you didn't know (like me) sliced bread is old, and it was invented in a small Missouri town, here are the fun details of this unique story!

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According to the website, sliced bread day in Missouri is July, 7th and it is to honor the invention of Sliced Break which happened nearly 100 years ago in the small Missouri town of Chillicothe. The town of Chillicothe, Missouri (which if you don't know is located northern middle part of the state) even has a big sliced bread day festival, in the article they say...

"As part of the festivities, there’s a parade, concerts, a 5K run, a golf tournament and a bread baking competition. Thousands of people come out every year to this rural town of about 10,000 people."

The story of how bread was first sliced in Chillicothe is a long story that involves a jewelry business, a fire at a plant in Illinois, and a man named Frank Bench who owned a bakery in Chillicothe that decided to give this invention a shot (you can read the whole story by clicking here!) but it ends with the fact that pre-sliced bread at the bakery officially went on sale for the first time on July, 7th 1928.

I love cool random pieces of history like this, to think that if you went back in time to 1925 and went to a big city like St. Louis or Chicago, and you bought bread none of it was sliced, you had to go home and slice it yourself to whatever size you wanted, and here we are less than 100 years later and the idea of slicing your own bread is reserved for fancy restaurants when they bring out the bread loaf before your meal. Either way, I bet the 100-year anniversary of sliced bread will be a big party that you won't want to miss in Chillicothe on July 7th, 2028.

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