Warmer weather is on the way to Illinois which means it's ice cream season! And we found video proof of the best milkshakes in all of Illinois, if you have a sweet tooth we found your spot!

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The video is from a couple of years ago, the business is still there on Hubbard Street in downtown Chicago it is just now called JoJo's Shake Bar (they have an incredible website to see it click here!) JoJo's has multiple locations according to their website, they are located in Naperville, IL, they have a spot at Water Tower shopping center in Chicago, the Hubbard Street downtown Chicago Location, and apparently they are opening up a location in Detroit, Michigan as well!

The video shows off some incredible milkshake options that JoJo's has but according to their website they also have specialty shakes for the St. Patrick's Day season, and they have beer and alcohol too! The shakes are extravagant and you are going to pay for that as well, the cost is about $14 per shake, but they are loaded, the shake that caught my eye on their menu is the one called Rocky IV it is a banana and Reese's pieces shake with toffee marshmallow, a white chocolate boxing glove, and a giant peanut butter cookie.

I totally would be willing to try one of these as a one-off experience but there is no way I could make a habit of having one, they seem like a lot, and sometimes all you want is a plain chocolate milkshake for a couple of bucks from McDonald's.

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