I am not a political person, so sharing this news will be quite a challenge. I've learned that one of America's most conservative cities is in Missouri. Well, it's sort of in Missouri. OK, so that means I'll have two challenges in front of me.

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How to share a political thing without actually being political? I'll do my best. First, it should come as no surprise to those that truly know me that this is not something I came up with. Nope. It's a brand new ranking from Homesnacks. They shared the 10 most conservative cities in America.

This is the handy map they made and you'll see why I say that one of these top 10 is in Missouri - more or less.

Infographic, Homesnacks
Infographic, Homesnacks

Congrats, Kansas City, Missouri. You're so conservative you're probably listening to Glenn Beck now instead of me. Awesome.

Now, about that "in Missouri, more or less" comment. Missouri unfortunately has to share Kansas City with those people from the Sunflower State (aka Kansas). It pains me to give a Jayhawk credit for anything, but they do share a little bit of this conservative honor. When I say "little bit", I'll allow my Jayhawk enemies friends .1%. You are welcome.

To emphasize, I am not a political person and don't care one way or another who votes for who. I just find it interesting that the elephant in the room (pun intended) is in Kansas City, Missouri.

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