Children have been overdosing on melatonin at an alarming rate in the US and especially right here in Missouri, why is this happening? And what you can do to make sure it doesn't happen to you.

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According to an article from, children in the US and in Missouri have been overdosing on melatonin, the sleep aid, at an alarming rate. In the article they say...

"Julie Weber is the Missouri Poison Center Director and a pharmacist. She said Missouri alone had had 119 melatonin overdose cases in the past month and over 1600 cases in the past year. Weber said part of the reason there are so many cases is due to the pandemic, but children spend too much time looking at screens."

One of the main reasons why they say that these overdoses are on the rise is that the new brands of melatonin are coming in gummy form and even taste like candy, so if you are purchasing any of those it is very important to teach your children that those are not candies and to keep them out of sight and reach of children. To learn more about this overdose issue check out the full article by clicking here! 

Certainly, the numbers in Missouri are very alarming, and I think that this is something to help spread the word about because these accidental overdoses can be devastating. It's not just a Missouri problem but that doesn't mean we can't help make as many people aware of the issue to help protect as many kids in Missouri and across the country from these accidental overdoses.

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