This might be the most dangerous issue I cover. There's a new map that shows how Missouri changed over the decades from a 'pop' state to one that embraces 'soda' and it's a dumpster fire waiting to happen.

My wife, who grew up in Iowa, is a very passionate 'pop' person. I grew up in Missouri and always called carbonated beverages 'soda'. I've had to adapt. (*ahem*) This map that was just shared to the Missouri sub-Reddit shows how the state used to be a 'pop' place, but now is squarely in the 'soda' camp.

The word “soda” takes over.
byu/Wakeup_Sunshine inMapPorn

Missouri is a tricky place when it comes to classifying carbonated beverages. There are parts in the southern part of Missouri that say 'Coke' since they think they're southerners. It's true.

The conclusion? No one is really right. I would bring up the point that some of these beverage companies actually put 'soda' at the bottom of the can, but that's a dangerous detail to bring up if I'd like my key to fit the door when I go home at night.

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