It should be noted that this is not a life-threatening flash flood otherwise I would not be as nearly impressed as I am. It's a Missouri truck driver who was driving through water that had suddenly covered a roadway in Joplin and blasted it like a boss and unintentionally created a mini-tsunami.

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YouTube decided to show this to me today under "recommended". There's no date given and I have no reason to believe that it had anything to do with the large amounts of rain that fell today through most of Missouri and Illinois. It might have. I just can't prove it.

I do know this happened in Joplin and if you like big waves caused by trucks, you'll be as impressed as me. Watch till the end and you'll see an almost endless wave of water leave the roadway thanks to him. It's a trucker-inspired mini-tsunami for real.

Let's emphasize again that this was not a real serious flash flood. As the National Weather Service says, "turn around don't drown" if you encounter a real flash flood. Some key things to pay attention to. This was obviously a main drive through Joplin with no mystery how deep the water was. Never ever drive across a road where you can't tell how deep it is. Never. Especially at night. Even 6 inches of water on a roadway can cause problems for most cars. A foot of water will cause a car to float and 2 feet will wash you away.

Do not take the impressiveness of this truck driver's wave as an inspiration to attempt it on a real flash flood. Ever. Please.

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