If you make your way to Kansas City this summer, you might want to make a stop at this roastery factory.

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The Roasterie Factory Tour was just voted one of the Best Tours to Take in America by Good Housekeeping, to be honest, I have never heard of the place and I've been to KC a ton of times.

Start your day with a tour of this coffee factory (there’s hot chocolate and chocolate milk for the kids). A brewing demo and samples are included. Open daily, $5 for ages 11 and up, free for younger kids

The tour seems fairly reasonable in price too so it won't cost you an arm and a leg to experience the tour. During the tour, you can watch your coffee being roasted, blended, and packaged, see what the craft cold brew process is all about,m and chat with baristas. This place has got to just smell just amazing and I wonder if they let you do some taste sampling?

Kansas City's Coffee Company has been around since 1993 it started in the basement of the founder and has grown into a company that serves not only restaurants but coffee shops, grocery stores, hospitals, offices, high schools, and more. So, if you are heading west this summer and looking to try a local tour you might want to make a stop here. I know the next time I am in KC I will be making a stop.

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