We can now officially talk about the holidays and get ready for the upcoming holiday season. One website just rated the best cities to visit this holiday season and two Missouri cities make the list.

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Wallethub put together this list of the top cities to visit this holiday season. They looked at everything from flights, to hotels, weather, and holiday events, and Kansas City and St. Louis are both in the top 10. St. Louis comes in at #5 and got high marks for attractions, travel costs, weather, safety, and cold weather activities.

Kansas City ranked #7 just under St. Louis and also ranked high in attractions, weather, safety, and travel cost. I've been to both cities in the winter and my family and I enjoy both. With ice skating rinks and The Polar Express Train in St. Louis, we love exploring new attractions each year.

Each city has its own special events going on now through the end of the year so I would definitely do some research and make sure you pick out which events/attractions you want to travel to. And yes weather can get bad, but that just adds to the holiday fun.

Source: WalletHub

I've always said we are so lucky to live in the Tri-State area and to be right smack in the middle of some of the best cities in the world to visit no matter what time of year it is.

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