Looks can be deceiving. That old saying proved true once again as a Missouri hunter nabbed what looked like a buck, but turned out to be a rare doe.

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I saw this unique animal shared by Yahoo Life. It's based off of a Facebook share by Kelly Moore who took down this deer with an arrow last week. Don't let those antlers deceive you. This big doe was harvested near Shell Knob, Missouri on September 26, 2023.

The Yahoo Life story says this is what is referred to as an "antlered deer" and they quote Missouri Department of Conservation spokesman Francis Skalicky who said "It's the offshoot of having an abundant deer population in Missouri," he said. "The more you have, the more aberrations [there will be].”

How rare are antlered deer?

This was a question posed on Quora and the consensus from a ChatGPT response is very. Only 1 in every 30,000 does will ever have antlers. The odds of one of those deer being taken down by a hunter is even more rare. Kelly Moore's takedown in Missouri is garnering national attention for good reason.

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