If you'd like to know what has to happen to cause a Missouri bowhunter to leave his campsite and go stay in a hotel, let me tell you the story of how he woke up hearing strange breathing outside of his tent and then a blood-curdling scream.

This is one of the most interesting series of Missouri creature encounters I've heard that were told to the Mysteries Unknown YouTube channel. The man's name is Joe and he lives in southern Missouri. As he tells the story, Joe was a truck driver who had a weekend off so he decided to go bowhunting to fill his freezer.

Mysteries Unknown via YouTube
Mysteries Unknown via YouTube

Joe was hunting by himself in the middle of 700 acres in southern Missouri. He arrived at his hunting area around 3p in the afternoon and noticed 3 very large rocks that were stacked and balanced on the border of the property. He had never seen anything like this before, but he went on with his weekend plan anyway.

Joe went back to camp, built a fire and made a sandwich. Around 9pm, he decided to sleep in the back of his pickup. As soon as Joe put the fire out, he suddenly heard a scream that sounded like a cross between a woman and a bear. Every hair on his body stood up and he promptly left the campsite and got a room in a nearby Missouri town.

Two weekends later, Joe and a friend decided to go out hunting together. This time, he took a tent with him. Late their first night at the hunting area around 10pm, Joe's friend woke him up and said "Listen to this". He says that strange breathing was happening around 10 yards from their tent. Looking out, he could see a shadow that was much larger than their 6 foot tall tent. The breathing went on for around 15 minutes and was so pronounced it shook his chest. 

Whatever was nearby went back into the woods while Joe and his friend had a restless night where he slept with his pocket knife out just in case.

Joe's eyewitness testimony is compelling and I recommend you watch the full video episode where he shares his story. It's one of the scariest ones I've heard about creatures in southern Missouri and I'm convinced that he believes he's telling the truth.

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