If seeing this convenience store's name makes you chuckle, you might be interested to know that a name change might be in order soon for locations in Missouri. It's already started changing in several other states.

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I'm pretty sure someone was being clever when the first Kum & Go store was named back in 1959. According to the corporate website, it started innocently:

The name Kum & Go was more than just a quirky moniker combining our founders’ initials

That name is changing in multiple states as the corporate parent company of Kum & Go was purchased by Maverik according to Business Record.

What will happen to the Missouri Kum & Go locations?

The Kum & Go store locator page indicates that there are 3 locations in Missouri. There's one in St. Robert, another in Lebanon and also in Waynesville. The company says that they are branding many of the previous Kum & Go locations:

In early 2024, about one-third of the Kum & Go stores that were acquired will likely be rebranded to Maverik, Maggelet said. “Those stores are in territories where we feel Maverik has a more established brand.”

Maverik's headquarters is in Salt Lake City, but it's possible some of the Midwest locations could get the Maverick moniker, but nothing has been confirmed as of this writing.

By early 2024, it should be easy to determine if Missouri Kum & Go's will have the Maverick sign overhead.

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