To refer to current gasoline prices as "cheap" is a misnomer to me. Perhaps a better way to think of it would be less expensive than other places. With that in mind, where's the cheapest gas in Missouri? Believe it or not, Hannibal made the top 5 list.

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Gas prices seem to fluctuate so much, this is a hard list to keep up-to-date. What's true one day might not be accurate a day or two later. That being said, A-Z Animals took their best shot and calculated the cheapest towns to gas up in Missouri and Hannibal made their list, but it's not #1.

What city has (allegedly) the cheapest gas in Missouri?

The list claims that Current River Bait and Tackle in Doniphan, Missouri has the cheapest gas in Missouri, but there's a problem. Google says it's "permanently closed". Whoops.

Infographic, Google
Infographic, Google

Along with the Casey's in Kirksville, they say that $3.19 at the General Store in Hannibal is among the cheapest in the state of Missouri.

Why does gas seem to be cheaper in Missouri than other states?

Slate answered this perplexing question saying this:

But because of its proximity to Texas, Oklahoma, and the Gulf Coast states, Missouri is crisscrossed by some of the nation’s larger pipelines.

Who would have thought? I guess when your neighbor is Oklahoma, that counts for something in the world of petroleum. I would also argue that Missouri's proximity in the middle of America with multiple major highways like I-70 and 61 crossing the state, it doesn't take long for gasoline to get delivered from the refineries where it's created.

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