Many were excited when the grand opening of Buc-ee's first Missouri location was announced recently. According to a new report, they're not stopping in Springfield either. They are apparently considering St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri locations, too.

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As we just shared a few days ago, Buc-ee's grand opening for their Springfield, Missouri location is set. According to Yahoo today, they are now looking at expanding their massive convenience stores to both St. Louis and Kansas City. The Yahoo story appears to be confirmed and based on a report by The St. Louis Business Journal.

Now, the question is where will Buc-ee's be in St. Louis and Kansas City?

The Yahoo report says "The company is especially interested in a location off Interstate 55 in the St. Louis area." Nothing specific is mentioned for Kansas City so far.

Next question - WHEN will Buc-ee's arrive in St. Louis and Kansas City?

That's the big question, but so far there is no estimated date given. But, the fact that they are reportedly looking at specific real estate means other Missouri places won't have to wait long.

As we mentioned, Buc-ee's has the largest convenience store in the world and their expansion and presence in Missouri is only expected to grow over the next few years.

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