Before I found the statistics, I had a perception of where I thought you'd be most likely to have your vehicle stolen in Missouri. I was very wrong and there's a good chance that the city in the Show Me State you think would have the highest percentage of vehicle thefts is not where you think, too.

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Before I reveal the facts, what city do you think would have the highest rate for vehicle thefts in Missouri? I'll just take a shot in the dark and say you predicted somewhere in St. Louis or at least near the big city. Spoiler Alert: That's very wrong. 

What Missouri city is most likely to have someone steal your vehicle in?

According to a new study done by 24/7 Wall St, it's Kansas City.

Here are some numbers to drop your jaw. In the entire state of Missouri, the study says there were 26,408 vehicle thefts just 2 years ago. In Kansas City alone, there were 11,653 vehicles stolen. Looks like there's a Chiefs fan who's watched The Fast and the Furious a few too many times.

Kansas City isn't just notorious for stolen vehicles in Missouri, but KC is ranked as the 14th worst metro in America for car thefts. Dang.

Why is Kansas City such a bad place to not have your vehicle lifted?

If I had to guess, I'd say that it's the fast growth of the area. Kansas City and the surrounding area has become a very popular destination for movers. That increasing population apparently includes a lot of car thieves based on this new data. Lock your doors.

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